Sushi Bon Special Rolls
Served with Miso Soup & Salad, excpet #48(b)

32. Sushi Bon Special Roll (8 pcs) $10.50
Smoked salmon on the shrimp tempura, tobiko, cucumber
& avocado with spicy mayonnaise
33. Green Dragon Roll (8 pcs) $10.50
Tobiko and avocado on the shrimp tempura, crab meat and cucumber with eel sauce
34. Red Dragon Roll (8 pcs) $10.50
Tobiko and salmon on shrimp tempura, crab meat, cucumber and avocado with eel sauce
35. Black Dragon Roll (8 pcs) $10.50
BBQ eel on california roll with eel sauce
36. Baked White Fish Roll (8 pcs) $10.50
White fish, homemade sauce & tobiko on the California roll with Mayonnaise
37. Baked Salmon Roll (8 pcs) $10.50
Salmon, homemade sauce & tobiko on the California roll with Mayonnaise
38. Caterpillar Roll (8 pcs) $10.50
Avocado on BBQ eel with cucumber
39. CN Tower Roll (8 pcs) $10.50
Shrimp tempura, avocado, tobiko and cucumber and homemade sauce
40. Spider Roll (8 pcs) $11.50
Deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, tobiko & homemade sauce
41. College Roll (5 pcs) $10.50
Deep fried butter fish, avocado, cucumber, tobiko & spicy Mayonnaise
42. Las Vegas Roll (5 pcs) $10.50
Deep fried assorted cooked fish & cream cheese, avocado, crab meat with eel sauce
43. Rock N' Roll (5 pcs) $10.50
Deep fried yellowtail, tobiko, cucumber, avocado and spicy Mayonnaise
44. Rainbow Roll (8 pcs) $10.50
Assorted raw fish on California roll with eel sauce
45. Golden Dragon Roll (8pcs) $11.50
Avocado, Cucumber, Crabmeat, Shrimp Tempura and Mayonnaise
with Sliced Mango on top
46. Crunchy Roll (8pcs) $10.50
Salmon Tobiko Avocado Tempura Bits and Mayonnaise
47. Banana Shrimp Tempura Roll $10.50
Banana, Shrimp Tempura, Tempura Bits and Mayonnaise
48. Mango Tango Roll (8pcs) $10.50
Mango, Tempura Bits, Cucumber, Mayo top on the Salmon
48(b). Volcano R (5 pcs) $7.99
Deep Fried roll with Salmon, crab, avocado, tobiko


Sushi Bon
695 College Street
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